The Inaugural Global Conference on improving the flow of projects and portfolios using critical chain & TOC


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Critical Chain has enabled thousands of projects to significantly and sustainably improve productivity. 

Typical improvement ranges from 25% to over 100% increase in productivity and capacity. Durations and costs fall.  And due-date reliability hits 95% plus.

Join us to learn the method hundreds of organizations use to deliver projects...

  • less time
  • lower cost
  • Without compromising on quality or scope, and without changing their staff.

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One of the best-kept secrets in project management?

The organizations who presented at this conference, all used the critical chain method (CCPM) to schedule their projects (or portfolios), and to manage execution.

Project execution is one of the least studied aspects of project management, and is often overlooked as an improvement lever.

And critical chain is about execution.

Once you have a well-defined project scope, a great business case, and a good team, is success guaranteed? Can it be as simple as turning the handle, or placing a contract and sitting back?

Experience suggests not.

Critical chain gives you an easily learned alternative to today's common methods of project scheduling and control methods.

It builds into a structured and teachable method, many of the lessons that the best projects managers know instinctively, or learn over several decades.

Would your organization benefit if you could complete over 95% of your projects on-time?

And reduce the duration by 15-30%? And if you could reduce costs? 

And improve quality? As well as reducing workplace stress?

Then why not watch on demand and hear first hand from project managers who have done exactly that?

Who has used Critical Chain (CCPM)?

View some of the results achieved

In 2014 Mazda's chairman presented the results of their use of CCPM.  Originally used in the development of new drivetrain technologies, it was used for the MX5 update.  The presenters said the method was key to "...saving Mazda".

Japan's Ministry of Land Infrastructure & Transport put CCPM at the heart of its 'Win-Win-Win Public Works' initiative in the mid 2000's.

CCPM was central to the US Marine Corps' improvement at the Albany Maintenance Facility.  "...the results were absolutely spectacular".  From over 50% late and over-budget, to 100% on budget, 90+% on time, 200-300% capacity increase.

When launching the E-Jet-E2 range, Embraer reset the standard for the aircraft industry. Others took at least 85 months to develop and launch a new plane.

Using CCPM, Embraer took 59.

This project won the PMI Project of the Year award in 2019, and will be presented at the conference.

Program & Speakers

An overview of what was presented at Critical Chain 2020

PRE-EVENT Conference Critical Chain Material

You don't need prior knowledge of the critical chain method to stream this conference.  Some knowledge will certainly help you to maximize the value you can get. We recommend to watch this material before heading to the main sessions. It will provide you with a general introduction to Critical Chain. 

DAY 1 Sessions

  • Embraer used CCPM to plan and deliver an award-winning, $multi-billion 5-year mega project early, on-budget and over-scope.
  • Goldratt Research builds 'digital-twin' simulation models of complex project portfolios so that executives can compare the business impact of different operating methods - including critical chain.
  • Tata Steel reduced the time their manufacturing facility was shut down by 50%, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line from the increased capacity.
  • Northrop Grumman reduced the build duration of ships, and improved due-date reliability.
  • BAE Systems improved due-date performance from 40% to virtually 100%, whilst also reducing the time fighter jets were out of service due to maintenance.
  • The Polish city of Wroclaw ensured new infrastructure was in place in time for the Euro 2012 football competition.
  • Centurion Systems and Endress+Hauser have reduced the duration of new product development projects.
  • Marris Consulting will present five recent short critical chain case studies from their clients across a range of industry sectors.

DAY 2 Sessions

  • Telefonica Brazil implemented a combination of CCPM, lean, agile & TOC to double the rate of project completions across their 1,000-person IT department.
  • Megara separated the IT infrastructure of two business divisions in a very short timescale.
  • Diamond Aircraft developed a new plane in record time.
  • Safran Electronics & Defense reconfigured a manufacturing floor involving nearly 50 machines in 6.5 days.  The original plan was 35, so the reduction gained them an additional month of production.
  • Empower your Projects developed a rapid implementation approach to simplifying critical chain on project pipelines.
  • The Tameflow technique applies the ideas of critical chain, TOC and flow management to knowledge-intensive project work, in particular in IT and software development.
  • One of the pioneers of critical chain worked with a Transport for London project to apply the core concepts of critical chain and TOC to successfully upgrade a Victorian-era road tunnel under the River Thames.
  • Construction & Infrastructure main difficulty is an environment of misaligned interests of projects participants. ACTECH will describe a solution combining TOC and Game theory in Israel.
  • The University of Birmingham will look at how project procurement and contracting needs to be adapted to exploit critical chain in sectors such as construction & infrastructure, where most of the project is delivered by third parties.

Your On Demand access includes all sessions, as well as the engaging LIVE Q&A between the speaker and audience.  

On Demand access to the event recordings is available for 90-days with a Full access ticket or for 1 year with a Platinum ticket. 

Plus, you get introductory bonus material including three full Critical Chain workshops for you to learn the basics of Critical Chain Project Management, key elements of the solution and gain first hand insights in how to introduce them to your company.

Mauricio Almeida VP Engineering - Embraer, Brazil

Embraer's E-Jet-E2 range was a $multi-billion, 5-year program to develop and launch a new aircraft. The project won the PMI's 2019 Project of the Year award. It was planned and managed using critical chain.

Alan Barnard CEO Goldratt Research Labs, South Africa

Alan will share case studies involving digital-twin simulation models of large project portfolios in retail banking and construction. The business executive used these models to assess the strategic impact of different execution methods - including CCPM.

Danny Walsh CEO and 

John Thompson CO-Founder & COO


Gain first hand knowledge on how to leverage Exepron's Advanced Critical Chain Project Management technology and predictive capability to manage resources across a Multi-Project Portfolio.

Simon White BAE Systems, Australia

BAE maintains planes for the Australian Airforce. Each regulatory maintenance service is a project of 25-125 days.  Prior to using CCPM about 60% of these projects overran, by on average 40%. They set a target of 95% on-time.  Come and find out how they did.

Is Critical Chain the best kept secret of project management?

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The History of Critical Chain

Critical Chain is part of an approach to managing systems and operations known as TOC (Theory of Constraints).

Originally developed by Eli Goldratt and colleagues in the 1980's, today TOC has developed into a comprehensive collections to methods that are used to manage a wide range of systems and operations of all scales - from personal development, to global multi-nationals and governments.

Critical Chain is the TOC method for managing projects, and was developed in the 1990's when Goldratt was engaged by a national oil company to apply the ideas behind his bestselling book The Goal, to the field of projects.

After years of development and testing, Goldratt publicized the critical chain method in his book - Critical Chain - in 1997.

Critical Chain is often abbreviated to CC, or CCPM (critical chain project management).  

Conference Organizers

This conference was organized by a team of volunteer members of the TOCICO. TOCICO is the global body that brings together people and knowledge related to TOC - of which CCPM is a part.

The committee consists of experienced project managers and consultants who passionately believe that the tools of critical chain and TOC make great additions to a project manager's toolkit.

For many years the TOCICO has organized global events bringing together practitioners, students and experts in TOC. This conference seeks to make some of that experience available to the wider project management community.

TOCICO members have access to a rich and growing repository of videos and documents covering not only project management but the wider TOC body of knowledge .

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